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Funny Books - I Cant Believe We Had to Die Just to Make This Pointless Book

I Cant Believe We Had to Die Just to Make This Pointless Book

I Can t Believe We Had to Die
Just to Make This Pointless Book
Jacob Samuel
Independently Published 2012

Few self-published books are worth your while. I Can't Believe We Had to Die Just To Make This Pointless Book by Jacob Samuel is. This is a great collection of one-panel New Yorker style cartoons. The New Yorker reference is not accidental: some of these are that good. Those who appreciate offbeat humor are going to enjoy this book.

Samuel's talent for illustration is okay, it is the humor that really stands out. Samuel also has a very large frame of reference so some cartoons are biographical, others whimsical, while a few are just plain weird or charming. I especially liked his take on the mustachioed villain – damsel in distress – train track cliché and his comparative literature panel.

Some cartoons show more work and attention to detail than others and are consequently more interesting and more effective. This is where an editor could have come in and pointed out that the magician cartoon on page 47 though funny as is would be much funnier with a more polished illustration. The same editor would have pointed out that a Freudian analysis panel always has the patient lying on the couch facing away from the psychiatrist. It does not work with the patient facing the doctor.

The book also includes a half-dozen short texts. I liked the cartoons a lot more.

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