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Articles - Community Season 4 - City TV starting Feb 7th 8 p.m.

Community Season 4 - City TV starting Feb 7th 8 p.m.
Community Season 4
City TV
Thursdays 8 p.m.

The gang is now seniors at Greendale Community College. Sony has asked reviewers not to reveal all the bells and whistles of the first season 4 episode airs February 7th at 8 p.m. On City TV. It is safe however to reveal that the show is as weird and creative as ever. Fans will not be disappointed.

Jeff is one history credit shy of graduating and History of Ice Cream is the only class available. Problem is this is of course a very popular class and Dean Pelton's usual ineptitude is going to get in the way. His solution to the overcrowding involves an over-the-top competition similar to one in a popular summer 2012 blockbuster.

Annie has decided senior year is when pranks should be pulled though being the goody two shoes she is, her idea of a prank leaves a lot to be desired until Shirley decides to help.

There is a lot more going on. Suffice to say Community is as good and wild as ever.

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