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Comedy Reviews - CD - Skull Fest 2012 - Laughing Skull - 9 mp3 comedy albums

Skull Fest 2012 - Laughing Skull - 9 mp3 comedy albums

Skull Fest 2012
9 different comedy mp3 albums
Next Round Entertainment 2013

I cannot but insist you get one if not all nine of stand-up comedy MP3 albums resulting from the the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival 2012. This is exactly what a comedy fest release should be: a wide variety of comics each presenting his or her best five or six minutes in quick succession. The exception being Album Eight which features 6 comics doing a longer, ten-minute or so set.

There is not a single bad or weaker than others album in the nine Skull Fest 2012 releases. More impressive is that out of the more than fifty or so different comics featured only three have a bad set and even at that it is not that bad really.

There are some recognizable names in this collection. These include personal favorite Tom Simmons on Album Nine and a few comics we have reviewed such as Johnny Beehner, Dave Waite, Mark Poolos, and Mike Trainor.

Most of the comics featured here are young but they all sound ready for prime time. At no point in this nine comedy mp3 album offering do you get the impression Skull Fest included a comic only because he or she had connections or as filler.

One minor quibble is that there are not many women featured here but such is the case in general in comedy.

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