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Comedy Reviews - CD - Ray Harrington - The Worst Is Over

The Worst Is Over

The Worst Is Over
Ray Harrington
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2013

 It took a while for this review of Ray Harrington's The Worst Is Over. Harrington is an excellent comic. His personality makes him a guy you like the minute he walks on stage. The same cannot quite be said for his stand-up comedy CD and mp3 album The Worst Is Over. The album is excellent but I really did not enjoy the first few minutes where Harrington addresses the fact there is a bachelorette party in the room and talks to the ladies in the room After that, though it is almost smooth sailing. Almost. There is a  f@ck!g whistler in the room whose high-pitched whistle annoys immediately and constantly.  MP3 album at Amazon

Part of the reason this CD works is Harrington is a biographical comic and he is a good guy. The show really gets going when the comic does a bit about the strange guestions his wife asks him a la “would you still love me then?” Harrington then smoothly moves on to a couple of stories about going to London and Nebraska. There is also a very funny bit about the Maine prison wood shop.

This comic is quick on his feet. When he begins one routine by stating he did not have a dad when he grew up, an audience member claims paternity but Harrington quickly dismisses that idea. There follows an adult but funny revelation in the men's room.  He again has to be quick on his feet when a guy in the audience gets a little creepy in a nice kind of way.

A lesser bit is the What About Bob dick joke. Not that it is not funny but the adult tone jars a little with the rest of Harrington's voice.  The show closes with a routine about going to the new Batman  movie soon after the Colorado shooting and Harrington's attempt at a Rudy moment.

A more generous and patient listener will appreciate The Worst Is Over more than I. I liked it but had to get over the couple of reservations I have about it.

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