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Stand-up DVD - Gabriel Iglesias - Aloha, Fluffy Blu-ray

Aloha, Fluffy Blu-ray

Aloha, Fluffy
Gabriel Iglesias
Stand-up comedy Blu-ray and DVD
Comedy Central Records 2013

Gabriel Iglesias rocks it in Aloha, Fluffy, a 90-minute Comedy Central stand-up comedy special recorded, you guessed it, in Hawaii. Iglesias is an immediately likeable comic who has a very laid back audience friendly style. In Aloha, Fluffy Iglesias plays to his usual strengths: ethnic and biographical humor. For those who care, Iglesias occasionally uses adult language.

Iglesias aka Fluffy opens with some local colour humor that does not feel scripted or forced. He follows with a bit on doing shows around the world and this segues into the problems of having a 15-year old with hygiene issues. Anybody with a teenage boy will relate to that. The prank he pulls on his teen to get even for disrespecting him is hilarious.

Less interesting is the relationship bit. There is not much stand-up comedy that has not already been said and done on that topic.

Kind of  interesting and a bit more so if you are a Fluffy fan is the story on how he became more than a Mexican comic. It gets much better when he starts talking about the special performance for a Saudi Prince. He tosses in a nice universal understanding message.

Aloha, Fluffy closes a story about a gift basked, a bit from the early days that had not made it on DVD until now. Comic G Reilly shows up to update that bit.

Special features opn Gabriel Iglesias Aloha, Fluffy Blu-ray iclude a 7-minute clip from opening act Alfred Robles, a short piece about malasadas, and a sixteen-minute encore with the Magic Mike story.

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