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Comedy Reviews - CD - David Hunstberger - Explosion Land

Explosion Land

Explosion Land
David Huntsberger
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Stand Up! Records 2013

Explosion Land by David Huntsberger is a superb, brilliant, excellent, extraordinary, wonderful, funny as hell, great, very intelligent, impressive, sublime stand-up comedy CD. It is the best comedy I have heard in the last three years if not more. In fact, if you get Explosion Land and are not happy with it, email me at editor @  nameofthiswebsite dot com and I will compensate with another comedy CD.

Explosion Land is one long piece about evolution and creationism, the big bang, societal changes, technology, relativity, the cosmos, time, and life, everything, and the universe (including a nod to 42).  All that in some sixty minutes.  

At the center of this stand-up comedy CD is an excellent section on how technological changes are influencing the human race.  When Huntsberger talks about technology he does not do facile social media stuff. Instead, he covers artificial limbs and brain implants.  At the same time, his particle collider black hole owes a bit to an episode of The Simpsons.

The show ends with a goofy alien version of Chariots of the Gods and David Huntsberger's take on religion keeping in mind everything he has said so far.

Seriously, get this one.    Stand Up! Records CD Page:

Richard Lanoie

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