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Comedy Reviews - CD - Myq Kaplan - Meat Robot

Meat Robot

Meat Robot
Myq Kaplan
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Comedy Central 2013

It is not that Meat Robot,Myq Kaplan's 2013 Comedy Central Records mp3 album is not good, it is, but that is all it is. The material is not generally as refined or smart as what was on Vegan Mind Meld which made our 2010 top ten comedy list. An example of that is Kaplan uses a joke he used to tell when he was a kid and two jokes someone once told him after a show. Granted, the latter two are funny and set up nicely but you expect more from a comic and his CD.

There is also an impression Kaplan is lazy when writing his material. For example, there is a French equivalent to the name Jacob; it is … Jacob (Beaches and Ball).

If you are a fan of this stand-up comic, Meat Robot is not a bad purchase. Otherwise, pass.

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