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TV & sitcom DVDs - The Crazy Ones - CITY Thursdays 9 p.m. Fall 2013

The Crazy Ones - CITY Thursdays 9 p.m. Fall 2013
The Crazy Ones
Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Geller
Thursdays 9 p.m.
Premieres Sept 26th

The new Robin Williams sitcom The Crazy Ones will air on CITY this fall Thursdays at 9. If the pilot is any indication, this is one hell of a funny and original comedy. I just hope the show can keep product placement to a minimum. The show premieres September 26th.

Williams plays advertising genius Simon Roberts, a role that allows the comic free reign when it comes to improv and weird moments. This is balanced off by Sarah Michelle Geller as his daughter Sidney who is Creative Director of the agency. She keeps both Simon Roberts and Robin Williams grounded.
Many pilots feature a supporting casts of actors / characters obviously trying to find their purpose and a contract. This is not the case here as the secondary characters already all make sense and work well within the show.

The pilot is very heavy handed with McDonald's product placement. The story about the agency trying to keep the McDonald's account so we get lots of Mickey D logos and such as well as the constant reminder “You deserve a break today” every time the Robertses try to convince guest star Kelly Clarkson to become the new voice for McD's.

The Crazy Ones is a winner.

I also like CITY s new cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine Tuesdays at 8:30

Richard Lanoie

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