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Funny Books - Triggerfish Twist - Tim Dorsey - Kindle

Triggerfish Twist - Tim Dorsey - Kindle
Triggerfish Twist Kindle
Tim Dorsey
Harper Collins 400 pages

Triggerfish Twist is a light and very funny novel, the kind you enjoy during the summer where reading is for relaxing. Though some of the characters in this Tim Dorsey book are recurring, a reader does not have to be familiar with any of the other books to enjoy this one. If you enjoy the kind of madcap ride and characters one finds in a Carl Hiassen comic novel, Triggerfish Twist is certainly going to please.

The story begins with one of the witnesses to the novel's climax waiting her turn to appear on national television to tell the story of  mild-mannered Jim Davenport, a family man who moved to Florida so his family could have a better life and who found himself in the middle of a human zoo of weirdos, druggies, manic geniuses like Serge Storms, crooks, charlatans, and people who just got worn down by big corporations. Triggerfish Twist is the story of what led to him losing it.

Though the breakdown itself is not as epic as the opening chapter promises, getting to it makes for a funny, sometimes laugh out loud read.

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