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Live Comedy - Just for Laughs - Trevor Noah - 2013

Just for Laughs - Trevor Noah - 2013

Trevor Noah – I never heard of him until last night,  now his will be a name to which I will refer time and time again as a superb comic with excellent timing and deft intellectualism.  Noah is a comedian who was born and raised in South Africa spending his formative years living under the apartheid regime.  Out of what Noah describes as his version of a “normal” childhood comes a one man show which is well worth the price of the ticket.

Noah has an amazing stage presence and ability to tell a story he has a gift for mimicry, language and a finely honed sense of irony. Noah is also quick on his feet. With a group of men arriving late to the show last night he asked them why they were late. One of the men responded they were running on African time. Noah asked whether the man was African to which the man responded that he was from Sri Lanka. Noah then mentioned that his shoes had been made in Sri Lanka and it was those shoes which he used to walk to the theatre to get there on time to do his show. Naturally Noah’s delivery was smooth and seamless and in good humour put the men in their place and kept the audience on his side.

The focus of Noah’s humour is about wanting to belong and how he has striven for that and how all of us strive for that. He has a gift for taking a completely alien situation like apartheid and creating a feeling of shared experience with the largely white audience at the show.

Trevor Noah is at Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal at the Cabaret Underworld on Ste. Elizabeth just north of Ste. Catherine until July 27, 2013 after which he will be in Edinburgh, UK.

Denis Bernicky

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