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Articles - Comedy Bang! Bang! - Comedy Network Starting July 26th 12 a.m.

Comedy Bang! Bang! - Comedy Network Starting July 26th 12 a.m.
Comedy Bang! Bang!
Scott Aukerman and guests
The Comedy Network
Starts July 26th 12 a.m.

Comedy Bang! Bang! is a pale parody of the talk show format. Hosted by Scott Aukerman in a set made up to look like his living room, the show also includes Reggie Watts as the one-man bandleader. This is a very odd show and very much a matter of taste. The show premieres Friday July 26th at 12 a.m. On The Comedy Network.

Honestly, Comedy Bang! Bang is just not a show for me. I've never liked the kind of low key absurd in-joke humor the show seems to go for. Also, one of the guests on the pilot episode is Zach Galifianakis and I will volunteer any day to salt the earth he has walked on. Other guests include Andrew Daly playing a guy whose business it is to be the life of the party and Will Forte as a pilot.

The preview I saw did have a couple of fun moments including a spoof of Primetime's What Would You Do also known as the Dateline hidden camera bit where a staffer drops a wallet to see if people will return it. Another is the fake apocalyptic action movie scene with Gillian Jacobs.

Comedy Bang! Bang is now in its second year so maybe somebody out there likes it.

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