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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jerry Rocha - Take That, Real Dad

Take That, Real Dad

Take That, Real Dad
Jerry Rocha
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2013

Jerry Rocha is a very good comic who sometimes uses worn premises to come up with some fresh jokes or takes. That, anyways, is the impression you get from his stand-up comedy CD Take That, Real Dad. If you are generally a fan of sometimes raunchy, sometimes edgy, varied, and often original stuff, you are going to like this one. MP3 album at Amazon.

My favorite routine on this CD is the one with the premise that Blacks should watch rodeos for the same reasons Whites watch Cops!  Also excellent is the bit about rednecks booing a comic. I really wish Rocha had done more with that idea. Another excellent idea that is not explored as much as it could have been is BET Ghostbusters.

Less interesting are some of the comic on the road stories, especially the one about the gig at the old folks home and its lame punchline. There are a couple such tracks that take away from the rest of Take That, Real Dad by Jerry Rocha

The one thing I really do not get about this CD is the cover. Stand Up! Records has shown a flair for great and original covers. This one is butt ugly and more appropriate for a Greatest Hits of 1874 compilation.

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Richard Lanoie

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