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Comedy Reviews - CD - Owen Benjamin - High Five Til It Hurts - CD and DVD set

High Five Til It Hurts - CD and DVD set

High Five Til It Hurts
Owen Benjamin
Stand-up Comedy Cd and DVD set
Comedy Central Records 2013

Comedy Central CD / DVD sets are usually a good bang for your dollar. Owen Benjamin High Five Til It Hurts is no exception to that rule.  Benjamin's set features some enjoyable material and a few songs at the end. Overall, this is a good performance but there is nothing really memorable or special about it. This is a release you will enjoy but that will eventually get lost on the shelf. The DVD, is labeled as uncensored but so is the CD, also includes Benjamin's Comedy Central Presents performance and a couple of pointless joke segments. High Five Til It Hurts is also available as an mp3 album.

Benjamin has a couple of really good routines in High Five Til It Hurts. He opens strong with an observational piece on how dogs seem to appreciate everything a lot more than we do. He also has a good premise about having different horn sounds to convey different messages when you are driving but his sounds leave a bit to be desired and he milks the bit a bit.

The show also includes a funny bit on how to react to a TSA patdown so as to make the agent feel uncomfortable. Benjamin toured with Julio Iglesias and he tells the story of how he got punked by the crew.

Less interesting are Benjamin's men vs. women bits.

The set closes with some musical numbers with references to hip hop, a comparison of Beethoven and Timbaland, a funny imitation and slam on Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, an original titled “Every Relationship I've Been In.”

Benjamin has the best closer I've heard in a while thanks to some good audience participation.

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Richard Lanoie

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