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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dave Mordal - pronounced dav mor-dal

pronounced dav mor-dal

pronounced dav mor-dal
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3
Stand Up! Records 2013

Dave Mordal rocks!

It would be nice to come up with some kind of category for this comic but his material is so varied it becomes impossible. There is excellent biographical material about going camping on a converted shortbus camper, social commentary on drinking and driving, a superb bit titled “Women Are Diabolical” about how his 10-year-old niece outwitted him and that any comic worth his salt should listen to for how Mordal tosses the punchline.   MP3 album at Amazon

Then again, there are many other tracks on this stand-up comedy CD that are musts for any fan of the genre who enjoys a solidly built routine and a perfectly delivered punch line.

Also very funny, amongst others,  is “Winston” about the war on tobacco, “Surprise Flood” which begins as a variation on “why are people in trailer home surprised there's a tornado every year?” becomes another smart bit of social commentary.

Dave Mordal closes with Small Town Drunk which reminded me of a bit by Canadian comic Brent Butt.

Bottom line, there is not a bad track on this CD and it bears repeated listenings.

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Richard Lanoie

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