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Comedy Reviews - CD - Kathleen Madigan - Madigan Again

Madigan Again

Madigan Mad Again
Kathleen Madigan
Stand-up Comedy CD
New Wave Dynamics 2013

I am favorably prejudiced when it comes to Kathleen Madigan. Maybe it is because I always get my money's worth –or the face value of the comped ticket-- when I see her at the Just For Laughs festival. It is also probably because there is just something about her kind of material that just pushes all the right buttons with me. Madigan is a basically clean comic who is very audience friendly and immensely likeable.

Her new (2013) stand-up comedy CD Madigan Again is of course one I very much enjoyed but someone who is not familiar with Madigan will enjoy just as much as I do.  MP3 version at Amazon

What stands out on Madigain Again is how elegantly the material flows. The show opens with a nod to the show being done in economically challenged Detroit, segues into federal government cuts (long time fans will recognize the post office bit), moves to a series of routines on her USO trip to Afghanistan, and smoothly brings her back to the U.S and a visit to her parents'.

The visit to her parents' brings Madigan to comment on Obama, the deficit, stuff you can do on the internet, the legalization of pot in some places, and a very different take on going to the gym and healthy choices.

This stand-up comedy CD closes with a story about doing a stint on a cruise ship with Lewis Black.

Richard Lanoie

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