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Comedy Reviews - CD - Vince Hase - His First Attempt

His First Attempt

His First Attempt
Vince Hase
Sketch Comedy MP3 album
VinceUnleashed 2013
48 minutes

His First Attempt by Vince Hase is an excellent sketch comedy MP3 album. This from someone who is not really partial to the genre and weary of self-produced albums of the stuff. However, Vince Hase is talented, funny, and knows when the joke is over. The production values for His First Attempt are top notch so it sounds like something Comedy Central would put out.

The core of this sketch comedy album is the series about the rise and demise of fictional metal band  Stinking Brits (Teeth Crooked, Bit Unkempt, Odd Sort, and Closet Gay). Anyone familiar with band break up stories, especially bands from the 70s and 80s will recognize some of the conflicts Stinking Brits had. The story is also quite original. The journalist is delightfully verbose when talking about the band.

There are many other good bits here. A personal favorite is CSI: Three Stooges. There are many other good tracks as there is not a bad one in the bunch.

I very much look forward to what Vince Hase does next. The cover is a cool nod to album covers of the sixties.

Richard Lanoie

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