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Articles - Sarah Silverman - We Are Miracles - HBO Canada Saturday Nov. 23rd 10:00

We Are Miracles - HBO Canada Saturday Nov. 23rd 10:00
We Are Miracles
Sarah Silverman
Stand-up Comedy Special
HBO Canada
Saturday Nov. 23rd 10:00

I find it hard to believe but We Are Miracles is Sarah Silverman's first HBO Special. Well, it was about bloody time then. If you are not a fan of comics who fear no topic and use the appropriate language, you are not going to like Silverman, no matter how good We Are Miracles is. If you are a Silverman fan, you are going to love this stand-up comedy special. It airs on HBO Canada Saturday November 23rd at 10:00

Silverman specializes in two or three minute bursts of observational / social comedy. She is quite adroit at balancing her nice Jewish girl persona and a mouth that a stevedore would want to wash out with soap twice. A perfect example is the title routine We Are Miracles where she goes from the miracle of each of us even being here to back when she was swimming in her father's ball sack.

What most impresses about Silverman is how varied her material is. There is the occasional message joke like the one about vaginal deodorants, the odd biographical with a very bizarre twist bit like the one about remembering being 3 and taking a shower with her mom, a very funny  joke about how to mess with the mind of a toddler. She also excels at the bait and switch such as the bit about meeting Obama.

One pattern that is constant is Sarah Silverman most often ramps up the raunchiness of her jokes. Even if you see it coming, you can't guess where it is going.

Sarah Silverman HBO special We Are Miracles closes with a tune about divas.

You can catch his excellent stand-up comedy performance Saturday November 23rd at 10 on HBO Canada.

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