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Funny Books - George Carlin - Conversations With Carlin

Conversations With Carlin

Conversations With Carlin
Larry Getlen
Ebook 89 pages 2013

In his introduction to  Conversations With Carlin: An In-Depth Discussion with George Carlin about Life, Sex, Death, Drugs, Comedy, Words, and so much more Larry Getlen writes “It is my sincere hope that (this book) brings George Carlin closer to your heart.”  It does exactly that. This 89-page ebook is something George Carlin and stand-up comedy fans will very much enjoy and appreciate. The price for this ebook is very reasonable (it's worth more than that).

Conversations With Carlin is based on a five hour interview Larry Getlen had with Carlin back in 2001 for a piece in Esquire. The magazine published part of the interview on the What I Learned page.  Getlen has transcribed, edited, and restructured the interview into a whole that has a very natural flow. What really makes this book though is Getlen asked the absolute right questions allowing Carlin to be  generous in his answers.

The book is divided in six chapters: Childhood; Comedy; Language and Ideas; Sex, Love, Money and More; and America.  Childhood is my favorite section, perhaps because I was introduced to Carlin with Class Clown. Comedy tackles Carlin's relationship with it and the changes he went through, his take on a few aspects of it, and his relationship with his audience, to name a few.

Of course, no Conversation With Carlin would be worth its salt if it did not look at the comic's relationship with words and ideas. Of course, Getlen asks Carlin about the Seven Words court case but he quickly moves to more interesting questions such as “How do you perceive the opinion that children need protection from dangerous ideas?”

My favorite question is in Morality where the author and the comic are talking about business and the money aspect of Carlin's career: “Is it possible, then, to live a life without compromise?”

Sex, Love, Money, and More is another more biographical section of this book. America is the comic's take on his country, politics, society, television, and a few other things.

Conversations With Carlin is a joy to read and a book you will be going back to more often than not.

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