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Comedy Reviews - CD - Will Durst - Elect To Laugh

Elect To Laugh

Elect to Laugh
Will Durst
Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2013

Will Durst has been doing political comedy for so long he has Taft material.  This comedy CD was recorded soon after Obama's reelection and, as Durst says himself, “Tell jokes about Obama? … you couldn't see him the halo was too bright.” This does not mean Durst does not consider him fair game. “Obama is so smooth he's got less friction that rayon pyjamas on silk sheets in zero gravity.” If like me you like this type of humor, Durst rocks.

By its very nature political humor has last month's expiry date and requires a particular audience. Durst is a master at economically getting his audience to share his frame of reference so he can get on with the skewering. Of course Republicans, Romney, Teabaggers, and Trump get nailed with commentary on events the 2012 electoral campaign such as Perry's long silence –Perry is a prime target here although Michelle Bachman (who, to Durst's glee is on the House Intelligence Committee) is not spared.

Though Republicans such as Todd Akin, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich are natural targets and the heart of this CD,   Durst spares no one as demonstrated by a great bit on Obama's health plan.

Durst fans will hear faint echoes of an early routine or two such as why tax cuts should go to the poor because they spend it immediately, unlike the rich who put it away.

You really should Elect to Laugh, it is political comedy at its finest.

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Richard Lanoie

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