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Stand-up DVD - Don McMillan - Technically Funny 2.0

dvd cover
Technically Funny 2.0
A User?s Guide To Life
Don McMillan
CD / Dvd set
60 minutes plus extras

An engineer, a PowerPoint presenter, and a stand-up comic walk into a comedy club.... It may not sound like much of a premise for a funny joke but if you are lucky, the stand-up comedian is former engineer Don McMillan, the only comic to use PowerPoint as the anchor of his act and jokes. If you asked any stand-up comedian to use PowerPoint you would either get a blank stare or he or she would flee from the room. Don McMillan has harnessed the power of the point and is much more than technically funny on his comedy CD / DVD independent release Technically Funny 2.0

Technically Funny 2.0 is one of those rare comedy stand-up comedy Dvds you will want to show at the next sales meeting. McMillan opens with a hilarious PowerPoint presentation on why PowerPoint presentations usually suck. This is very original and very funny. Even better is this stand-up comic can keep the interest of his audience as he goes back and forth from a few jokes to a few jokes with the PowerPoint on, establishing a solid rhythm that keeps the audience laughing all the way through his sixty minute or so set.

Even more daring is Don McMillan's ability to sell his audience on the idea that math can not only be useful but funny. An understanding of math as McMillan understands it will make you less of a target market and allow you to see the joke hidden in most commercials. There is a series of jokes about statistics, yes, statistics, that any good math teacher will want steal and use in a classroom (or make him buy this great comedy Dvd to show that bit to his students). This, and all the other material on Technically Funny 2.0 makes it an absolutely solid comedy Dvd.

A personal favorite on Technically Funny 2.0 is Comedy Breakout Session where McMillan gives new definitions to much of our modern jargon. Anyone hearing or seeing this bit will be unable to stifle a giggle each time he hears technical jargon like MP3, Palm Pilot, or VoIP, and so on. Even the couple of groaners in this comedy bit are funny.

Do not, however, make the mistake of thinking McMillan lives by his PowerPoint presentation. I had the opportunity of seeing him in Las Vegas and he did not use his equipment. His last few bits, about an engineer's approach to marriage where he does some very original relationship jokes, Wall-Mart, and parts of A User's Guide To Life are just as good with or without the PowerPoint slides. A User's Guide To Life is brilliant with the slides, especially the restroom spacing jokes and the happiness flowchart. This great comedy bit brings a new dimension to the relationship joke. Don McMillan is also working on a universal gender translator. The machine itself is not ready to market but the jokes certainly work.

The Technically Funny comedy CD is the audio track from the Dvd and is very good but if you see the Dvd first you know you are missing a couple of the jokes. This is especially true for the opening bit on PowerPoint presentations and the Technically Funny bits.

Make sure you watch the extra features on Don McMillan's stand-up comedy DVD, a series of other PowerPoint presentations on Tornado Probabilities, House Temperature Preferences, and so on.

Don McMillan is not Technically Funny, he is really funny. Technically Funny 2.0 is a solid comedy CD and absolutely solid comedy Dvd.

If you are planning a corporate event, check out this great comedy Dvd, you'll want to get Don McMillan next time.

Track list:

Comedian / Engineer
Bad PowerPoint
Don 1.0 The Child Geek
Do The Math
Marketing Statistics
Don 2.0 The Recovering Engineer
The Nerdiest Place On Earth
What is Pi?
Comedy Breakout Session
VoIP Guy
Cell Phones
Engineers & Marriage
A User's Guide To Life

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