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Comedy Reviews - CD - Chad Daniels - Natural Selection

Natural Selection

Natural Selection
Chad Daniels
Comedy MP3 Album
Stand Up! Records 2014

Natural selection is the best rise to the top. This is very much the case with Chad Daniels' third comedy album. If you enjoy funny and original stand-up about being married and having kids, you are going to appreciate this album as most of it is about that.

What makes this material stand out from the rest is the material about Daniels' son being on the verge of puberty. Not many comics have the skills to make that funny without being overly graphic or making the audience uncomfortable.

There are a couple of tracks about men being inadequate is some relationship or household way. They are pretty good too and fit with the theme of Natural Selection.

The best, funniest, and darkest line on this comedy album is in track 5 where Daniels reveals why women never abandon their children.

You can check out many other excellent Stand Up! Records releases here.

Richard Lanoie

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