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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jackie Kashian - This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux

This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux

This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux
Jackie Kashian
Stand-up Comedy CD or MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2014

This Will Make Excellent An Horcrux will indeed. For those, like me, unfamiliar with the Harry Potter world a horcrux is a object in which one puts part of her soul to get immortality. I am not sure Jackie Kashian will achieve immortality with this comedy CD or MP3 album but her performance is one you can enjoy time and again.

The first half or so of the show has Kashian telling stories about performing for the troops overseas. Those familiar with this kind of material will recognize a few themes but this comic has her own original take on things.

The second half of this comedy CD is the strongest and, if you are or know of a bookworm, much easier to relate to. Kashian talks about being somewhat sheltered from the world through books and thus being a late bloomer when it comes to relationships, sex, and such.

It gets a bit darker in the penultimate track when Kashian talks about a negative sexual experience but the point she makes is how helpful her husband was in that instance.

Jackie Kashian is different and that is a very good thing.  Check out or Stand Up! Records page for more excellent and original comedy.

Richard Lanoie

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