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Comedy Reviews - CD - Cy Amundson - Lovesick in Toledo

Lovesick in Toledo

Lovesick in Toledo
Cy Amundson
Comedy Cd and MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2014

Though I cannot put my finger on how exactly, there is something original in how comic Cy Amundson brings the audience in on his jokes. This gives the material a comfort level that just adds to the pleasure you get listening to Lovesick in Toledo.

Amundson has an eye and ear for the absurd.  The set opens with  his interactions with people with children and children. Two of his friends have decided to have a child after having three kittens die on them.  He also is a fan of 4th grade girls basketball and would put any ESPN play-by-play man to shame.

Things get a bit darker with the title track of this stand-up comedy CD and Mp3 album, Lovesick in Toledo, and a story about spilling boiling coffee on his crotch.

Some comics like to include a story about memorable gig. Amundson's is good but I am not convinced it pays off that well.

The set closes strong with a couple of stories involving pranks and one of his nephews.

For those who care, Amundson works almost totally clean.

This is the kind of CD you put on top of the listen to again pile.

Lovesick in Toledo is on the great Stand Up! Records label.

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