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Comedy Reviews - CD - Scott Faulconbridge - Scottland

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Scottland: The Comedy of Scott Faulconbridge
Scott Faulconbridge
Independent Release 2014

Scott Faulconbridge always delivers. It is no surprise then his second independent comedy CD Scottland features a solid performance anyone can enjoy.

I am sure the comic is fully aware of the irony of the opening track which is a ditty about basic stand-up premises like married sex is lame and so on. The heart of Scottland is material about being married and being a father. What makes it work is the listener connects to the comic right off the bat, his material is very well structured, and, of course, funny.

There are a couple of minor flaws. One is Faulconbridge drops a couple of F words towards the middle of his set and that really jars. The second is the Ikea bit. It is funny but all Ikea bits, even those on the Ulan Bator comedy circuit, are the same.

I would have liked more material based on the Canadian Tire premise.

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