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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jake Flores - Humors


Jake Flores
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Stand Up! Records 2014

is a shame Humors is only MP3 because leaving a CD lying around the coffee table would get a few odd looks and laughs. Jake Flores himself gets more than just a few laughs in this set and some of his bits are really superb. If you look this up on Amazon: Track names have nothing to do with the content.

Flores opens with a long story about being arrested for cycling through a red light on his bike. The ending is brilliant. So is the punchline to the tattoo bit.

A personal fave is Feasting on the Blood of the Unicorn. The comic begins with how Catholicism is just snuff pictures of the same guy and it just gets funnier.

The rest of the material is good but does not quite fit with how original and smart the stronger moments are. It leaves me ambivalent and that is probably why I've listened to this album more than a dozen times before doing the review. On the other hand, I've listened to it more than a dozen time and still enjoy it so that's something.

And you gotta love a comedy album with a Bugles joke.

Stand Up! Records has a hell of a lot of solid releases and we've reviewed a hell of a lot of them.

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