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Comedy Reviews - CD - Greer Barnes - See What I m Saying

See What I m Saying

See What I m Saying
Greer Barnes
Comedy MP3 Album
New Wave Dynamics 2014

If the name Greer Barnes is familiar it is because you were a fan of In Living Color and Chapelle's Show. Those not familiar with him will discover a very intelligent and funny comic with a superb talent for voices and accents. Unfortunately, I think dick jokes are the adult comedy equivalent of airplane jokes and a good third of this comedy MP3 album is dick jokes.

See What I'm Saying is otherwise an excellent album. Granted, there are a couple of instances where the joke would have been more appropriate for video. True, I think the comic too often asks the audience for ideas for what's next.

The best bits are when Barnes uses his talent for voices and sound. One example is the five minute UFOs track where Barnes wonders what it would be like of other people aside from rednecks saw flying saucers.

Sometimes, a comic may be a bit too talented for his own good. I think this may be the case here. Someone less talented would have given a much tighter show.

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