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Comedy Reviews - CD - Matt Fugate - Believement


Matt Fugate
Comedy CD and MP3
Stand Up! Records 2014

Believement is an excellent comedy album, almost.  Matt Fugate is a forty something married father of three whose material focuses on that. This is standard stand-up fare but Fugate's very likeable persona make it interesting and funny. The almost comes from the occasional use of the F-word. Swearing has never bothered me and I consider it a spice some comics add to the mix. Spicy is not what people are looking for at a friendly neighborhood restaurant. Or, I could be particularly picky these days.  MP3 album at Amazon

Fugate immediately gets the pronunciation of his name out of the way (few-gate) and also sets up fun call-back.  He also connects with his audience with the remark that it seems we've always been in a recession. This sets up the material about his two young daughters and his twenty-year-old son.

Fugate excells at story telling. Matt vs. the Class Clown and Matt vs. the Dance Floor parts one and two are great bits. The ending to the second part of the dance floor story sounds either like he ran out of time or hasn't really figured out what the comedy story ending to this biographical story really is.

Other strong moments include a bit about how hard it is to get pot when you are not a regular and five minutes on Jehovahs and Witnesses.

Yeah, maybe I am particularly picky but I still think the F-words jar with this comic and material.

This comedy album is on the always excellent Stand Up! Records label and we're reviewed lots of their releases.

Richard Lanoie

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