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Comedy Reviews - CD - Chris Killian - Viral Inflection

Viral Inflection

Viral Inflections
Chris Killian
Comedy MP3 album
Independent Release 2014

Not being a big fan of skit and music comedy, I approached Viral Inflections by Chris Killian with some reservation. I should not have. Killian is both a talented musician and comic, making Viral Inflections a very entertaining comedy mp3 album.

The basic structure of Viral Inflection is song followed by skit. The skits are quite fun. Batmans' New Helper, Day at the Beach, and Christian Potluck are very funny. I can't decide if Potluck or Beach is my favorite. The three part Real Doll is a bit too long to my taste.

Four of the songs are in guitar / voice form.   Sex With Ghosts and Old People in the Future have an  electronic feel. Sex With Ghosts is very enjoyable and is a song adults will want to play at Halloween parties.  I found the lyrics in Old People in the Future a bit hard to figure out but I am not the most patient listener sometimes.

If you appreciate this kind of comedy, you will really enjoy this album.

Richard Lanoie

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