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Comedy Reviews - CD - Ophira Eisenberg - Bangs!


Ophira Eisenberg
Stand Up Comedy CD or MP3
New Wave Dynamics 2014

Bangs is an enjoyable stand-up comedy album by Ophira Eisenberg, a Canadian now living in New York City. She does self-deprecating biographical material in very short bits and her instant likeability  makes her stories easy to connect with.  Eisenberg is also known as the host of NPR's trivia and musoc show Ask Me Another.

The first third of the album is very NYC centric. The bits are funny though there are a couple of very local references most will not get such as auditioning to live in Williamsburg.

The one longish routine on Bangs is Voodo, about her taking a long time to get over her first boyfriend. This stuff is usually banal but Eisenberg makes you care and empathise.

Eisenberg closes with a few bits about her comic book nerd husband. Though it is fun stuff, I found myself wishing she had better defined him; the jokes would be that much more effective

The bonus track is a duo Eisenberg sings with someone who is probably Ask Me Another's Jonathan Coulton. The tune sure is catchy.

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