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Comedy Reviews - CD - Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson
This Is Not Debatable
Steve Patterson
Stand-up Comedy CD or MP3
Comedy Records 2014

The title of Steve Patterson's first comedy album This Is Not Debatable is a reference to his being host of the hit CBC radio show The Debaters where two comics confront each other on a silly issue. Whether or not you will enjoy this album is something I debated for about two weeks. Overall this is a solid album but …. The CD or MP3 is available through Patterson's website or the Comedy Records website.

Patterson has great biographical material like Mock Chicken where he tells the story of being raised by a very cheap single dad or the closing  Golf Cart story about what happens when you get drunk on a golf course.

There is an airplaine joke bit about his experience on West Jet, some solid relationship material where Steve Patterson uses his experience on The Debaters to advise men on how to argue with their wife. There is also some observational humor and there's even a song.

All these are enjoyable but … I cannot quite get over Patterson's stiff delivery and I cringed every time he closed a bit with a very forced “this is not debatable”.

In the end though, f you are a fan of the CBC show you will certainly enjoy this comedy CD.

Richard Lanoie

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