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Comedy Reviews - CD - Steve Sabo - Fervent, Uncouth, Callous, & Kinky

Fervent, Uncouth, Callous, & Kinky

Fervent, Uncouth, Callous, & Kinky
Steve Sabo
BSeen Media 2015

I Helped fund Steve Sabo Fervent, Uncouth, Callous, & Kinky on Kickstarter and all I got was a lousy t-shirt (that I can't wear to work), a credit in the liner, and a damn good CD, all that for 50 dollars. If, like myself, you enjoy comics with adult audience material, you are going to really like Sabo.

Sabo is a biographical and observational comic. Informational bits include the difference between the shots girls and guys buy, how to pre-select a good strip club and a story about one of them. A personal favorite on this comedy album is the story about giving a girlfriend an ultimatum as to when she had to be ready.

Something worth noting about this CD is the show sounds as is. Sabo chose not to edit out the odd moment where an audience member tried to participate a bit too much. Comics sometimes blend the taping of a couple of shows to sound seamless. Sabo's decision gives the listening experience authenticity.

My one real complaint about Fervent, Uncouth, Callous, & Kinky are the bits about his senile grandfather and his home care worker or his brother's lack of ability to use pick up methods could really have been expanded.

Or so I think. A lot of Sabo's routines are quite concise: I was surprised  the ultimatum story clocked in at only 3:30.

Some of the observations are rather conventional such as the hotel and dating bits. They're still funny though.

There are three bonus tracks on Fervent, Uncouth, Callous, & Kinky. They are much better than the usual gimmes.

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