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Articles - I Am Chris Farley - The Movie Network Sept 7 at 9 pm

I Am Chris Farley - The Movie Network Sept 7 at 9 pm
I Am Chris Farley
The Movie Network
Premieres Sept 7th 9 p.m.

I Am Chris Farley is a very good biomentary about the late Saturday Night Live star. It features interviews with a who's who of SNL including Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, David Spade, and Lorne Michaels to name a few. It also has interviews with various members of the Farley clan. It is perhaps more interesting if you are a Chris Farley fan but even if not, it is a well made documentary. I Am Chris Farley premieres on The Movie Network September 7th at 9 and will be preceded by presentations of Black Sheep and Tommy Boy.

The Chris Farley story is a big guy who was unafraid of any dare and going over the top. This was, in fact, his forte. Like many people with big personality, Farley was a big abuser of food, drugs, and mostly alcohol.

A lot of I Am Chris Farley is basically a series of testimonies as to what a great guy, actor, comedian, talent, Farley was with the occasional hint at a darker side and personal problems.

Unfortunately, there is a little too much of the what a great, sensitive, kind guy he was. You do not really learn a lot more than that.

The budgetary constraints of I Am Chris Farley are apparent in how often it repeats the same Letterman and Saturday Night Live clip.

The documentary will air September 7th at 9 and 11:50 pm on The Movie Network. It will also air at various times on MFun, MFest, and Mexcess. Check the TMN website for details

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