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Comedy Reviews - CD - Eddie Ifft - I Love Pussy

I Love Pussy
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I Love Pussy
Eddie Ifft
Comedy MP3 album
BSeen Media 2015

Though there are a couple of excellent and very funny bits on Eddie Ifft's I Love Pussy, the rest of this comedy album features the kind of material only an opening act would get away with. Unless you are a fan, this one is a pass.

The two strong  routines here are the one on the female conspiracy to take over the world “Misogynistic” and the one on how Moses came up with the ten commandments. True, I have heard other Moses material but this one is pretty good.

I was not particularly impressed with the unoriginal Michael Jackson the molester bit. It is difficult in 2015 to connect with material on the 2011 Occupy movement which Ifft says “is real big in the U.S”. A bit on how different first class is from coach also really fails to impress. Even more dated is the material on the U.S. Bank bailouts.

The rest of Eddie Ifft I Love Pussy is biographical relationship material and stuff about pot, a charity gig that went badly, and his love for dogs. It's okay but not much more than that. You can hear some of the material in the 2011 youtubevideo top right

I Love Pussy is also available as a video.

Richard Lanoie

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