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TV & sitcom DVDs - Benders - Thursdays 10:00 IFC - Premieres Oct 1st 2015

Benders - Thursdays 10:00 IFC - Premieres Oct 1st 2015
Thursdays 10:00
Premieres Oct 1st 2015

Benders is a new IFC sitcom which airs Thurdays at 10 on IFC. This comedy is about four guys who play in a division 8 amateur hockey league. This show is original and fun to watch so I am hoping IFC will extend it past its first 8 episode order.

The four main characters in Benders are your basic blue collar joes. The main character, according to the preview episodes I was given access to, is Paul (Chris Destefano) who is living with a woman named Karen (Lindsay Broad). Karem is somewhat more interesting than Tony so if the show continues to feature scenes with these two it will certainly add to the interest.

The show has a certain absurdist feel to it. In the pilot, Tony's uncle asks him to kill him and Tony first gets one of his buddies to help and then actually tries to go through with it.

In a later episode, the guys join team Jesus in division 7 because one of theirs has joined another division 7 team. Team Jesus is, of course, against checking and fighting so not very good on the ice. Not that the Uncle Chubby team the guys normally play for is any good either. Meanwhile, Tony may have a drinking problem. The callback in that episode is really funny.

Episode 5 has a woman goalie join the Chubbies. There has to be a catch. There is.

I think this show is going to stick around. Count me in as a faithful viewer.

Look for stand-up comic Godfrey as a goalie in episode 5.

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