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Comedy Reviews - CD - Andrew Mayer - Nonsense

Andrew Mayer
Comedy Album
Independent release 2015
Available at comic s website

Nonsense is an odd and very entertaining comedy album. Andrew Mayer's style is more essayist and raconteur than standard stand-up comic and it works for him. It also works for the audience as his laidback, sometimes hesitant style works with his material. Nonsense is a good comedy album that makes me look forward to what's next from Mayer

The album opens with, of all things, bits about bears. Now, that is unusual. I wish Mayer had done a bit more about his small town background as he really sets it up in a way to pique your curiosity. I really liked his image of a pot salesman. A brilliant bit is about whether or not the Klan treats women equally as members.

I am not as big a fan of the story about the co-worker at the cube farm. It does not have the same odd feeling as the rest of the material.

If you like your comedy off the beaten path, Nonsense is worth the investment.

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