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TV & sitcom DVDs - South Park - The Complete Eighteenth Season

South Park - The Complete Eighteenth Season
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South Park The Complete Eighteenth Season
10 episodes 2 Blu-ray discs
Comedy Central 2015

If you do not know what South Park is, welcome to planet Earth and please stop giving us free colonoscopies.

Season 18 of South Park features quite a few episodes that will remain fan favorites for a long time.

The best of these is Go Fund Yourself where the show takes on the Washington Redskins brand. This is satire at its very best.

The season is quite topical. The town goes gluten free, Cartman decides he is transginger so he can get his own bathroom, Uber is commented on when Timmy decides his motorized wheelchair is one way to become a cabdriver. The citizens of South Park also become worried when drones invade their privacy. All that on the first Blu-ray disc!

Gaming is the focus of the last five season 18 episodes of South Park. This involves a trip to Canada to contest the freemiums in a game. Virtual reality and the popularity of videos where people comment on other people playing a game are also handled with a great deal of adult oriented humor. The season closes with a show where holograms are the focus.

South Park has been rather uneven over the years. Season 18 is the most consistently funny in a while.

Special features are social commentary for all episodes. Irony is it is also available for the episode about social commentary. Commentaries by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. There are of couse deleted scenes.

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