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Comedy Reviews - CD - Pete Davidson - SMD

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Pete Davidson
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Comedy Central Records 2016

I am a guest reviewer on this site, and have been for a couple years.  The owner of this site, as readers likely know, lives in Canada.  I live in the United States.  I have no ownership interest in this site, and I make no money from providing reviews.  I do it simply because I love stand-up comedy, and have for the better part of my 44 years on this planet.

I mention that because we had a little election here in the United States last week, and to say that I am disappointed in the result would be an understatement of epic proportions.  I have been at times sad, at times angry, and at other times both simultaneously, and have barely slept in days.

Prior to the election, I mentioned to this site's owner that Pete Davidson, the youngest cast member on Saturday Night Live, had his debut album, SMD, coming out on Comedy Central Records, and offered to review it.  After the election,  I had no desire to listen to stand-up.  I didn't think laughter was possible.  

I had given my word that I would review this album, though, and I am a man of my word.  So, this weekend, I listened to the album.  I was nervous because I couldn't let my feelings about the election impact the review, and I simply did not know how I would provide an objective review of the material.

Fortunately, shortly after hitting play on the first track, I knew it would not be a problem.  This album is hilarious, from start to finish.  I laughed out loud for most of the album.  It is that good.  I know this is not a typical review, but this album is so funny that it momentarily brought me out of my election-inspired depression.  I actually cannot think of a more ringing endorsement.

As mentioned, Davidson is currently the youngest cast member on Saturday Night Live.  When people in the sketch comedy world do stand-up comedy, the result is not always great.  They are two very different art forms.  However, stand-up is how Davidson got his start, and his material, timing and delivery all work together in brilliant form.

Davidson smokes a bit of weed, and that forms the basis for a decent percentage of the album, including a hilarious bit on traveling to Utah to get help "smoking less weed," not stopping completely.  The album includes a couple of great bits about his close relationship with his mother, including the awkward time when his mother bought him a pack of condoms.  For those that do not know, Davidson's father was a firefighter in Brooklyn Heights who lost his life on 9/11.  Davidson includes bits on the album about what it was like growing up with a single mother.  The album's title, SMD, is his father's initials, and Davidson ponders whether or not he should get a tattoo of his father's initials.  However, SMD other has another meaning, which is discussed in the closing track.

This album is highly recommended, and I look forward to more specials from Davidson.

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