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TV & sitcom DVDs - Laurie Kilmartin - 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad

45 Jokes About My Dead Dad
45 Jokes About My Dead Dad
Laurie Kilmartin
61 Minutes
Available on Seeso

If you subscribe to Seeso, a must see is Laurie Kilmartin 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad. This semi documentary stand-up comedy special will make you appreciate how important humor is in helping us cope with difficult moments in life. If you are presently going through some difficult times, the pure honesty of Laurie Kilmartin's jokes and experience will make you feel better for a bit. It is definitely easy to say 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad is life affirming but that is what it is.

45 Jokes About My Dead Dad begins with some 18 minutes of background information about how stand-up comic and Conan writer Laurie Kilmartin dealt with the news her father Ron had stage four cancer. This involved tweeting her emotions and observations and doing any open mic available. The mroe interesting comments are from Patton Oswalt (who knows something about grief), and Kilmartin's mother. Some of the tweets are also featured including: Hospice means “Here, you do it.”

The rest of this comedy special is Kilmartin on stage telling the story of how her family and father coped with his cancer and how her tweeting about the experience proved to be cathartic, a good way of reaching out, and even a good way for Ron Kilmartin to see how many people cared about him.

The jokes themselves are mostly on the dark side but reality is dark: “He died doing what he did best … growing tumors.” or how in bed her boyfriend went from “Who's your daddy?” to “Who's your father figure?”.  Getting her father an Ipad so she would have something cool to inherit was also a pretty smart move.

Laurie Kilmartin 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad is a feel good in the end stand-up comedy special available on Seeso.

Richard Lanoie

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