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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jackie Kashian - I Am Not The Hero Of This Story

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I Am Not The Hero Of This Story
Jackie Kashian
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Stand Up! Records 2017

Jackie Kashian is a stand-up comic with PTSD – President Trump Stress Disorder. What makes her anti-trump material far superior to all the other stuff that has come out so far is how clever the attacks are. It alone makes I Am Not The Hero Of This Story worth buying. The rest is also great comedy and this from someone whose ear for comedy has grown quite tired and jaded.

The first and last third of I Am Not The Hero Of This Story (available only as an MP3 album) feature some entertaining and very funny biographical material about growing up akward and marrying a guy who understands how awkward she is about everything having to do with relationships.

The heart of this stand-up comedy MP3 album is the material about living under a Trump regime. Kashian admits because she is a white woman she is next to last in line when it will be time to fill the trains but she counters that witht the desire to be in the front line when the attack comes. These statements are anchored to a story about the Armenian genocide and the story of her strong-willed grandmother who survived it. That story shows Kashian is not kidding.

Jackie Kashian is one of those comics I would make an effort and pay good money to go see.

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