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Comedy Reviews - CD - Sid Singh - Amazing! (Probably)

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Amazing! Probably
Sid Singh
Comedy album
Stand Up! Records 2017

Amazing! (Probably) by Sid Singh is amazing no doubt. Singh is a very easy to like comic whose biographical material connects to just about any audience you can think of.

There are no weak tracks on this comedy album. Singh opens with a rules for the show bit where he lowers audience expectations for some reason but immediately moves to a solid and original bit on how your high school reunion is much like Facebook and how there is no possible future revenge in having been bullied by rich white kids in a private school.

I am partial to “worst show ever” stories but few really live up to the premise. Singh's story is pretty good but it is the structure with the continuous “that's not the worst part” that really nails it. Also interesting in its construction is the bit about his dad.

It is always easier for an audience to connect with a self-deprecating comic. Singh, with his supposedly two sexual experiences, which is one more than most of his ancestors, gets everyone on side.

Other solid tracks on Amazing! (Probably) include one on becoming an atheist and the closer on his auditioning for a role on a not-MTV network and refusing to do the stereotypical Apu accent to get the job. It sounds banal but this bit has a bite.

This comedy album is one of the reasons Stand Up! Records is my personal favorite label. There are lots of other solid releases you can check out here.

Richard Lanoie

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