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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dana Gould - Mr. Funny Man

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Mr. Funny Man
Dana Gould
Stand-up Comedy Album
Kill Rock Stars 2017

Dana Gould won an Emmy writing for The Simpsons. Considering past nominees and winners of the Grammy for best comedy album are highly questinonable, I doubt Gould will get that award or even a nomination. He should. Mr. Funny Man is a solid comedy album. Here is some of what this biographical, topical, and social comic says on Mr. Funny Man:

We elect the President as if he was the national dad.

We all have a voice inside our head telling us we suck.

Why Halloween and Thanksgiving are the same thing.

What really happened to Kennedy's Brain (a topic Gould touched on a bit on his first CD)

Why bears will only eat the top half of humans.

How chimps go about killing.

Offensive is a matter of time and taste.

The Fast and Furious series is a series of dick pics.

Speaking of dick pics, how they used to be taken and sent in ye olde days.

Charles Manson asking for parole (the album was recorded before Manson died)

Why baby teeth can become a creepy obsession.

The Pancake Man

Why you should never lose your wedding ring.

His surprise at women shaving and the dating scene.

And much much more.

Gould is a funny, smart, and very interesting to listen to comic and this comedy Cd will not only make you laugh out loud, it will also make you think.

Richard Lanoie

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