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Funny Books - Lewis Black - Nothing's Sacred Audio Book

Nothing's Sacred cover
Nothing's Sacred
Read by Lewis Black
Simon & Schuster Audio
5 CD Set

The audio book version of Nothing's Sacred the autobiography and social biography by Lewis Black (of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Comedy Central, HBO and comedy CD fame) is right smack in the middle of what makes for a good or bad audio book. It is not great but not bad either.

When done right, and when read by the author, an audiobook is an extra peak into the writer's head. The best, such as the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy CDs read by Douglas Adams, feature not only the writer but also a few effects here and there to keep things interesting. The worst, such as Braindroppings by George Carlin, are nothing more than the author droning on as he pronounces his words.

The audio book version of Nothing's Sacred the autobiography and social biography by Lewis Black (of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Comedy Central, HBO and comedy CD fame) is right smack in the middle of that. Not great but not bad either.

It is not the author's fault. Some wizard decided to cut this audiobook into tracks that have nothing to do with the book itself. This way, you get parts of a chapter on one track and the rest on the next. More annoying is you get part of a chapter at the end of CD two and the rest at the beginning of CD three. It is not as if the chapters in Nothing's Sacred were particularly long, in fact most are quite short. So, what's the deal? Why was this book hacked into CDs and tracks that have nothing to do with reality?

Even more annoying is that there is absolutely no indication anywhere on the CDs as to which chapter is on which CD, no table of contents, nothing to help you navigate the 5 CDs and find the track or even the CD you particularly enjoyed and want to play for your friends.

Lewis Black does a pretty good job playing himself in the audio version of this book though it is a little weird to hear him read some of the material that was originally performed on stage and found itself in the book almost verbatim. It is also interesting to hear the venom in his voice when reading some of the sections, particularly those about his experience working a 9 to 5 job for the federal government and his years at the Yale School of Drama.

One of the highlights of the book is the 9-page chapter on Black's experiences doing the Europe thing in his youth. This is an excellent listen, even if you have to switch CDs midstream. It would be glorious to hear Lewis Black himself do his usual funny but biting commentary on that particular decision.

Still, if you are one of many Lewis Black fans, this is decent as audiobooks go but caveat emptor.

Weirdly enough, the last CD mentions credits for producing and directing. Hmmmmm

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