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TV & sitcom DVDs - Da Ali G Show


Da Ali G Show
Da Compleet Second Seazon
Sacha Baron Cohen
6 Episodes
50 minutes of extras
Warner Home Video

It is amazing that a white man in black face is, and rightly so, offensive, but not much has been said about an average British comic or comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen, playing a West L.A. gangsta dude complete with bling bling and ebonics, mizpellings and mizprununciazions such as "Does you think the way we'se bringing up kids....?" Then again, maybe I am wrong. Da Ali G Show was a cult favorite -and much like any other cult you'll probably end up at the airport selling flowers- was nominated for Emmy Awards and won a Bafta (British Academy of Film and Television Arts).

Much like the young guy sitting behind Ali G in the bonus track on Dvd 1 of his Harvard commencement address, I wondered I was doing watching this guy and yet smiled a couple of times in spite of myself. Still, there is something sad about a guy making comedy out of Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech when Ali G says "I have a dream of little white girls and little black girls having sex together..."

Each show is set up the same way. You get Ali G interviewing some poor shmuck such as Pat Buchanan or Sam Donaldson, a supposedly funny segment featuring Borat the ignorant reporter from Kazakhstan who goes around the United States making a pest of himself, Bruno the stereotypical gay Austrian (again, why did this not offend more than it should have), and some other feature featuring Ali G again. There are moments, here and there, that are humorous but in the end I got the feeling this was not much better than much of the sketch comedy stuff that is available all over the internet by a bunch of semi-professional funny people.

You will certainly wonder how Pat Buchanan, former L.A. police chief Darryl Gates got suckered into this show and then say, hey, they're white conservatives, what did you expect? The weirdest target is James Broadwater, a Republican running for Congress who says Jews will go to hell when pressed by Borat about who will be in heaven. He then makes the very bad decision of taking the same Borat with him as he goes door-to-door in Mississippi in a press the flesh meet the electors campaign day only to have Borat compare him to Stalin and insult the women who answer Broadwater's knock. Still, The Ali G Show is fair and balanced as it also managed to con Sam Donaldson and M.I.T guru Noam Chomsky.

Da Ali G Show is da bomb .... scratch that, a bomb.

Disc 1

Epizode 1 Respek
Ali G Wit Sam Donaldson
Borat's USA Guide to Wine Tasting
Ali G Interview with LAPF former chief Darryl Gates
Bruno: Da Gay Converter

Epizode 2 Rekognize
Ali G Wit Pat Buchanan
Borat: James Broadwater
Ali G Famil E Diskushen
Ali G Guide to Animalz

Bonus Material
Ali G's Harvard Commencement Speech

Epizode 3 Peace
Ali G's Guide to Bookz
Bruno: Fashion Polizei
Ali G Wit John Naber On Da Olympix
Ali G: Politix Diskushen
Borat USA Guide: Country Music

Epizode 4 Realize
Ali G Wit Jim Ziglar a Homeland Securite
Borat USA Guide: American Hobbies
Ali G's Guide to Da Enviromment
Bruno: Miami
Ali G: Animal Rightz Diskushen

Episode 5 Ja
G's Guide to American Histree
Borat Usa Guide: Buying A Home
Ali G Sex Edukashen
Bruno: Barn Dancing
Ali G: Medikal Eficks Diskushen

Episode 6 Dream
G's Guide to Genda
Borat USA Guide: Jobs
Ali G Wiv Charles Schultze on the Econom E
Bruno Sprink Break

Bonus Material:
Ali G Educational Summit, Interviews Noam Chomsky, Visits a Civil War Navy Ship
Borat: Hunts in Texas, Learns Football, With PIMA Republican Club
Bruno: Visits a Psychic, Speaks With a Hollywood Stylist

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