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Comedy Movies - Heart And Souls


Heart and Souls
Robert Downey jr, Kira Sedgwick, Alfre Woodard,
Charles Grodin, Elizabeth Shue, Tom Sizemore
Universal 1993
104 minutes

Heart And Souls is a fun little comedy with a few romantic touches. It is one of those feel good movies you watch from time to time to chase away the blues and that you'll enjoy time after time for the story and the great acting by a solid cast of actors who can definitely play comedy, especially Robert Downey jr.

The movie begins with four people getting on a bus and dying in an accident. Their souls become attached to a kid born a few feet away from the accident, Thomas Riley. These four souls, a wanna be singer, a black woman, a small-time crook, and a waitress become Thomas' invisible friends until the day they feel his being able to see them and talk to them gets him into trouble. Many years pass, Thomas grows up to be a lawyer (guess he didn't turn out right) and the souls are called back to heaven. Unfortunately, the four souls did not know why they were stuck on earth all this time and so did not have the chance to wrap up their lives like they were supposed to. They enlist the at first unwilling help of the Robert Downey jr. character to set things right.

Robert Downey jr. is perfect in the part of Thomas. It requires a lot of physical comedy so we can believe it when he becomes each of the other four main characters or when he goes wild, and a flair for the dramatic. The writing is excellent and the many funny moments are well paired-off with the various dramatic moments that help keep the movie believable.

This is a great feel good movie with the simple message of not living a life unfulfilled and enjoying it while it lasts. Five solid performances in a comedy long enough to tell the story without any extra scenes or moments that feel like padding. This is definitely a must see.

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