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TV & sitcom DVDs - Damage Control Comedy - No Show

No Show DVD
Gene May, Jay Hewlett, Martin Brown,
Allen Berrebbi, Michelle Nault. Landon Smith
30 minutes plus 9 extras

No Show is a TV pilot episode that very much echoes the approach used in the comedy cult classic Amazon Women On The Moon by director John Landis. This time it is fake TV station WSUK broadcasting the just as fake 1937 science-fiction classic Giant Space Balls From Outer Space (starring Martin Brown and Allen Berrebbi). The presentation of this sci-fi gem is interrupted by fake commercials and infomercials all featuring the video version of some of Damage Control Comedy Crew's best bits from their two comedy cds Santa's Crack and The Da Vinci Commode.

The fake space movie itself is well done. When you are working on a low budget might as well pretend that what you are making is a low-budget B movie from the thirties. Of course, this WSUK broadcast encounters all the usual problems we were once used to seeing when TV stations broadcast old movies as part of their Late Night lineup. The movie breaks so there is a Please Stand By moment, the movie often gets grainy and has so many splices it is hard to follow the story.

Adding to the fun are the many commercials WSUK broadcasts during this presentation. Stand-up comic Jaw Hewlett is particularly good as Zak Markowitz sleazy Attorney At Law. You also video versions of various Damage Control bits such as the Ribbon Magnet Club, Dr. Rose's Flatulence Fragrance Pads, and the soon to be a hit on MTV country classic Sack Licking (featuring a ditty you cannot possibly get out of your head now matter how hard you try: even humming Tom Jones' Delilah won't do it). You also get the Homeless Month Public Service ads.

The extras include The Da Vinci Commode, Supergroup (a VH1 show featuring superheroes in a rock group), Super Idol, More U, Get Away, two more Zak Markowitz commercials, a Ghetto Mart bit, and the only dud of the bunch Cheating.

The production values for the extras and the commercials in the No Show segment are much more than decent for a small independent release. Fans of Damage Control will most definitely enjoy this release and will probably use it to convert their friends to this sketch comedy troupe

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