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TV & sitcom DVDs - Just For Laughs Gags Volume 2


Just For Laughs Gags
Volume 2
3 Episodes
Image Entertainment 2006
67 minutes
Distributed in Canada by Paradox Entertainment Group

Just For Laughs Gags is an international television hit because each episode is a series of visual candid camera gags using real people where nobody says a word. Part of the success of this television gag show is that although many scenes are filmed in Montreal, home of Just For Laughs and the Montreal International Comedy Festival, footage is also shot in various countries around the world, mainly in Europe. The success of the gags, there are about thirteen per 22-minute show (add commercial breaks and you get your 30-minute television comedy show), is each situation relies on people's basic good nature and willingness (suckers!) to help out their fellow human being. The reason Just For Laughs Gags is fun to watch is each gag lasts only a couple of minutes so you get the best bits of a particular candid camera setup and if one gag in particular does not tickle your funny bone, the next one and the one after that will.

Just For Laughs Gags, Volume Two features three episodes from the series and each includes the animations leading to and from commercial breaks. Episode one was filmed in Ireland aside from the opening Drill Bit gag that was probably taped in Montreal. Here again, the Just For Laughs Gags team counts on people's good nature and patience to make the gag work. In a blind taste test they remove the testing table and disappear, leaving the blindfolded victim holding the cups. People try to help a little old lady who is having mechanical problems in Runaway Scooter. My favorite gag in episode one is when people actually bend down to give directions to a blind person's guide dog. The other gags in this first of three episodes are all very funny and each viewer will have a favorite.

The same can be said for episodes two and three of Just For Laughs Gags Volume 2. A recurring moment is a block the pedestrian gag where either a guy on a cell phone or a marching band get in the way of someone walking to somewhere. It is very interesting to see how nice people actually are. One gag in the second episode involves a couple opening their umbrellas right in somebody's face as they cross that person on the sidewalk and the people shown in this clip react rather nicely. I am sure some serious money could be made with a Just For Laughs Gags Gone Terribly Wrong collection where the actors are beaten up by people who do not like being messed with.

Personal favorites from the second episode of this three episode collection are Band Aid where a Salvation Army Brass Band follows a pedestrian around. What I liked about it is you keep wondering why doesn't the victim walk into a shop or something and the last bit of this gag is a person doing exactly that and being followed by the band. Definitely cool is also the gag where people run across a mime doing the old invisible thread bit only to get ensnared in that very thread a couple of steps later. Also quite fun is the gag involving the elderly nun and the beefcake pics she drops on the ground.

Episode three of Just For Laughs Gags, Volume 2 includes the funny Old Lady Watch where people are left holding the old bag after her granddaughter takes a cab and leaves granny there. Also very good is the gag where people helping a blind guy are left holding the cane when the latter miraculously recovers his vision when a cute girl walks by. However, the best gag of the entire DVD is Superstar where some poor guy suddenly finds himself attacked by a bunch of crazed teenage girls as his two bodyguards, who magically appear next to him, try to defend him. This one is hilarious.

Just For Laughs Gags Volume 2 is great fun for the whole family. Yes, some of the gag premises do get repeated from one episode to another but this is a minor detail considering how much fun the whole thing is.


Gags List:

Episode 1

The Drill Team
The Cell Phone Block
Blind Testing
By The Seat Of His Pants
Runaway Scooter
Guiding A Guide Dog
Hugging A Stranger
The Right Moves
Mannequin Love
Don't Box Me In
Traffic Control
Fart Machine
Drag Net

Episode 2

Umbrella Attack
Band Aid
Cop vs. Cop
A Blind Embrace
All Tied Up
The Bottle Neck
A Feather In Her Cap
Gorilla Warfare
Light Bondage
Eye Contact
The Naughty Nun
The Cab And The Body Cast
Elderly X-ing

Episode 3

The Paper Chase
Old Lady Watch
Turning A Blind Eye
Total Baggage
The Pick-pocket
Denture Dilemma
The Art of Distraction
Sleeping Cashier
The Eyes Have It
The Dangler
Alien Attack

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