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TV & sitcom DVDs - Knowing Me Knowing You

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Steve Coogan, Patrick Marber, Rebecca Front
BBC Television 1994-95
2 DVD Set
Warner Home Video

Steve Coogan plays the ever annoying and vainglorious Alan Partridge in British sitcom and fake chat show (that's talk show for you Yanks) Knowing Me Knowing You. The show lasted six episodes plus a Christmas special and boggled a lot of Britons' minds as some called the BBC to complain about the way Partridge was treating his guests because they thought it was a real show. Each show is a series of hits and misses and, overall, if you do not watch the two television comedy DVDs and the shows back to back, can be quite entertaining.

There are usually three or four segments or fake guests (often played by Patrick Marber and Rebecca Font) to each show and each segment plays pretty much like sketch comedy. The joke here is everybody plays it very straight as if this were really a talk show. This usually works although the French episode does let the fashion bit run on for much longer than necessary. If Knowing You Knowing Me were real, comparisons would inevitably to Conan O'Brien and his Late Night show. Alan Partridge simply has no clue how bad he is and definitely thinks he is the greatest host ever.

What ties each episode together is the constant use of tunes by Abba seem to have been the tenuous premise for the sketchs' guests. Knowing Me Knowing You is clearly presented as a show that is slowly sinking in the ratings and whose C list of celebrities is running thin.

One of the show's weirdest moments is when Steve Coogan aka Alan Partridge has three of the four women who won gold for Great Britain in the 1936 Berlin Olympics recreate their relay race live in a 1:6 scale model of the stadium. Minnie Driver appears as post sex-change sex advisor in one of the episodes. Most bizarre are the obscene clowns of the Paris show and the actually dead in his coffin guest of show number five. The last regular episode of this series has Partridge introducing the two women who will be hosting the lesbian chat show scheduled to replace him the next week and killing his last guest.

Disc 2 features a few odds and ends such as promo spots and a bit of the pilot episode but also includes Knowing Me Knowing Yule, the post-Christmas Christmas show where Partridge begs his BBC boss for series renewal before clobbering him with a partridge. You can also spot Mick Hucknall of Simply Red doing the closing song.

This is a very weird British comedy and those who like BBC comedy shows will love it.

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