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Articles - Practical Jokes - funny is always cool.

April Fools! That joyous sound you only get to say once a year after you've pulled a funny prank of a friend or colleague. It's funny stuff that dates back to your childhood when you hung a"kick me" sign on someone's back. It is the day for jokes, gag gifts (that stick of gum that tastes like pepper or snaps your finger when you take it out of the pack. Senior pranks might involve replacing your dentugrip stuff with garlic flavored paste. April Fools can and should last all year and here are a few ways to extend the season to be funny.

Practical jokes come in various shapes, sizes, colors and prices. These jokes do not have to be mean and you do not necessarily have to be there to pull an april fools type gag on someone. Gag gifts such as teddy bears that are, let's say, a little raunchy, are always nice. Funny toilet paper when guests come over for a visit usually get a good laugh. Magnetic bumper stickers with a nasty comment, fake stick-on bullet holes and stick-on busted windshield cracks are also funny stuff, pranks that anyone can appreciate because they are basically harmless, do not leave traces (of the prankster) when you yank them off, and can make the perfect gag gift for that special someone you know enjoys pulling pranks on people.

Something not everybody thinks of is practical jokes do not have to be pulled on people you know. Ever have your parking space stolen at the shopping center even if you had your flasher on? Be generous and attach a magnetic bumper sticker to that idiot's car. Who knows how long it will take before he realises he's been driving around with a bumper that reads "Driver has a small penis!: or "Honk If You Think I'm A Jerk!" and if you are really lucky you will see this guy driving around town day in day out with the sticker still attached.

Investing in good pranks to get even and vent is cheaper than therapy and much more self-rewarding. Practical Jokes should be something we all see as investing in ourselves, our own peace of mind, our own spiritual well-being. Don't get angry, get even. Why should birthday jokes or April Fools be the only time we can shine or shine someone? Funny stuff is funny stuff, no matter how you look at it.

If you are shy, perhaps a funny t-shirt is the way to go. You can express yourself without saying a word. For example, a great t-shirt seen recently at my local mall was "I may be fat but I can diet. You are ugly and born that way." Gotta love something like that or "If you can read this you are staring at my tits again.".

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Pranks as cheap as therapy: We live in a society where there are more and more rude, idiotic people who get away with more and more garbage because a minority of us are still polite and know how to behave. Perhaps it is time we prank these morons.

Richard Lanoie

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