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Articles - Minding The Store - Pauly Shore

Minding The Store - Pauly Shore
Pauly Shore
TBS Sundays
Yanked off the air, thankfully

Well, it seems the heralded Comedy Store is going down the toilet: Pauly Shore is now in charge. We will probably see it get repoed in a future episode of this disastrous and painfully unfunny pseudo-reality show starring that never was funny guy who happens to have famous parents. The only good thing is if you think this show sucks, and it does, you can go to the show's website and get your money back (well, a whole dollar, postage not included).

How bad is Pauly Shore? He can't even do a convincing voice-over narration for his own bloody reality show. How bad is Minding the Store? Let me count the ways:

All scenes are so obviously staged and faked they will make you believe other reality shows are based docudramas.

The highlight of one the shows I saw was Shore getting colon hydrotherapy. I mean, I knew he was full of it, but geez. The lady giving him the treatment was funniest thing on the show.

It is a tradition at the club that comics help out to pay their keep. Shore has the comedians repaint the chairs. The problem is these stand-ups look more like rejects from a Star Trek convention than actual comics. Maybe if they do a remake of Deliverance....

Shore auditions for an acting coach and gets turned down. Who said there were no honest people in the acting business?

There are more sycophants per show than commercials.

Shore's funniest line is, when talking about a fat guy, "food is a way of life for this guy".

The second show I saw featured Shore hiring a blonde even dumber than Jessica Simpson for a waitressing job and that was the entire show really.

So, check the website and get your money back.

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