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TV & sitcom DVDs - Best Of Oblivious

BUY Best Of Oblivious (dvd cover)
Regan Burns, Stone Stanley
Eagle Rock Entertainment
Distributed in Canada by EMI Music Canada
Distributed in the United States by RED
100 minutes

The Best of Oblivious, originally seen on Spike TV, is one hell of an enjoyable and funny DVD. If you are familiar with the name Allan Funt and the show Candid Camera, the show where Funt caught unsuspecting victims in weird and sometimes embarrassing situations (there was even an adult version out for a while), or even if you are not but you like "Surprise, you're on TV!" or practical jokes shows, you will definitely enjoy The Best of Oblivious (which, by the way, is from the same label that brought you The Man Show and quite a few rock DVDs).

The DVD features 15 segments of people caught on tape in an ordinary environment like a flower shop, framing place, or car parts store while host Regan Burns plays a bit of a prank on them and asks them a few game show style questions. What makes this show different from anything like it is not the fact Regan Burns is usually accompanied by a buxom babe in a bathing suit or two but the fact these are usually real life locations and his ability to impersonate various annoying yet believable characters. Also unusual is the follow-up prank, the turnaround, where the victim gets to become perpetrator on someone else and that victim usually does an excellent job of it. The victims are, of course, another reason the bits are fun to watch and run the gamut from little old lady to fat old couple to young stud. The drummer on the drummer wanted bit is not only a total doofus but even too untalented to back up the awful Brady Bunch style band Burns put together for this setup.

It is a bit difficult to figure out what the best bits on a Best of Oblivious DVD are as all of them are highly entertaining. Personal favorite is the opening segment, Priest Car Wash where a half dozen very sexy parishioners in very skimpy bathing suits are helping the local priest (Regan) run a car wash. Of course, a water fight breaks out. Even better is the follow-up segment where the guy who was caught dresses up as a priest. This guy is not a pro but he does an excellent job on the next target.

Although the car wash segment and elements in a few other segments definitely put this DVD out of the family entertainment section, The Best of Oblivious is something anyone with a little life experience and a liberal mindset will enjoy. You may, however, want to skip over the sexual harassment segment: it is just wrong to make fun of such a serious subject.

Chapter List:
Priest Car Wash
Pries Car Wash Turnaround
Delivery Guy
Florist Turnaround
Pissy Butler
Pissy Butler Turnaround
Man on Gurney
Sexual Harrassment (sic) Seminar
Hair Piece
Mariachi Turnaround
Paint Ball
Drummer Wanted
Picture Framer
Picture Framer Turnaround
Super Model Photo Contest
Auto Parts Clerk
UFO Photo Clerk

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